Recovery after Skin Tyte

Skin Tyte is essentially a cosmetic (skin-rejuvenation) treatment that uses the principle of thermolysis--selective, but deeply-concentrated heating of facial skin in a precise manner. Skin Tyte uses an advanced lighting technology that uses Sciton BBL pulse for ensuring that no damage is done to skin while heating it. To understand the recovery phase associated with a Skin Tyte procedure, it is vital to have a basic understanding of how this treatment works.

Overview of Skin Tyte

The heating induced by the pulse of light helps to stimulate collagen—the most integral protein for maintaining tightness of facial skin. This happens in two ways.

Firstly, due to heating, the over-stretched collagen fibers within aged skin are temporarily expanded. When the pulse of light is stopped, the fibers begin to contract due to loss of heat. The contraction means that the fibers tend to pull at the surrounding skin, helping to even-out wrinkles and fine lines.

Secondly, the heating stimulates the formation of collagen to compensate for the minimal loss of collagen that happens due to breakage within a few, collagen fibers. Thus, Skin Tyte delivers both instant and long-term results. Longer results are sustained because the renewed process of collagen formation sustains itself for a few months.

Recovery: Immediately after Treatment

Since Skin Tyte is a non-invasive procedure, it is expected not to present a significant downtime or recovery period. During the immediate, post-procedure phase, some degree of redness or minimal swelling is expected. This happens due to the internal heating that also causes the blood vessels within the facial skin to expand. This in turn stimulates a rush of blood towards the face, resulting in the typical, blush-like appearance. The treated skin is prone to developing some degree of swelling, albeit very minimal. However, this redness or state of temporary inflammation usually subsides within a few minutes. Most of the post-treatment swelling can be treated by icing the problematic areas.

Most dermatologists recommend that after resting for about half-an-hour, indoors, the patient can step outside. In fact, most specialists providing Skin Tyte procedures claim that the patient can even apply make-up or sunscreen immediately after the initial redness subsides.

However, this norm might be challenged in people with overtly sensitive skin wherein the recovery time could extend up to a couple of weeks. The swelling might subside among such patients too, but the reddish hue might take longer to disappear. Some patients might need to take some over-the-counter pills for the mild pain or inflammation. However, none of these symptoms are regarded as serious deterrents.

Long-Term Recovery

Since Skin Tyte is largely based upon the stimulation of collagen formation, comprehensive results tend to surface in about three months. Some basic aftercare is needed to ensure that the results of treatment are sustained. People undertaking Skin Tyte treatments don’t need to undertake any kind of specific skincare regimen to ensure that the results are maintained.

However, it is advised that for a few days after getting the treatment, patients should protect themselves from direct sunlight. Thus, investing in a good sunscreen lotion is usually recommended. The only possibility of a demanding, long-term recovery surfaces when post-treatment pigmentation happens. Though rare, pigmented patches take a long time to heal and often need specialist, medical treatment.

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