Recovering from an Active FX Procedure

Also called fractional resurfacing, Active FX is a non-surgical, laser-based cosmetic procedure used for treating signs of aging. This advanced skin treatment is reputed to cure skin damaged from acne scarring within a single session. Active FX results tend to sustain over a long period.

Understanding Active FX Recovery

Please note that for understanding the recovery from Active FX, it is vital to differentiate between subsiding of symptoms and the actual recovery.

For about an hour after the treatment, the skin might appear a bit reddish. Most cosmetologists refer to this as dermal blushing. This is due to the heating caused by the laser rays. The heating is necessary to stimulate the collagen production within the skin. Understandably, most surfaces tend to undergo some degree of change in coloration when heated, and the human skin is no different.

Thus, the reddish hue that the skin develops shouldn’t be frowned upon or perceived as a problem—it is an expected, self-resolving side-effect that doesn’t pose any serious threat in most cases. This blushed appearance usually subsides within the first two days after the treatment.

Active FX Recovery Phases

The actual recovery process is a bit longer. This is the period taken for the newly-refurbished appearance of the skin (i.e. wrinkle-free skin) to blend with the improved skin tone to establish a natural, younger look. For most patients, this takes about five days. In some cases, this could be a week or at the most, 10 days.

The different rates of recovery are attributed to the fact that different people present different levels of collagen-synthesizing capability. Further, the minimal healing that is needed after this treatment also varies across different individuals.

Phases within Active FX Recovery

During the recovery period, the patient can witness a significant change in the texture and the appearance of her skin. For instance, the reddish hue that develops immediately after the treatment slowly fades away. This is followed by a slightly-tanned look. This tanning hue lasts for a very small period, usually just about a day.

This is followed by the emergence of a lighter skin tone that is the first, significant indication of a rejuvenated skin. This layer of skin is devoid of the outer dead cells and is stretched largely due to the presence of greater collagen.

Active FX Recovery Tips

All cosmetic products, including retinal applications containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids, should be delayed a few days before and after the treatment. Patients with sensitive skin are often recommended to take an anti-allergic pill before and for a few days after the treatment. This helps to minimize the redness seen during the post-treatment phase.

If the patient’s redness doesn’t subside within the expected period, using cold compresses is advised—this quickly arrests the increasing inflammation, helping the skin to recover faster. Patients who have had pigmentation or pigmentation treatment on the treated skin should use a proper moisturizer and sunscreen lotion when stepping outdoors, during the daytime.

Patients are often advised to keep their heads elevated while sleeping by using a couple of extra pillows. Patients with a recent history of infections should undertake a short course of anti-viral medications just before and after the treatment. This helps to avoid any infections or sores developing in the treated skin that can seriously hamper the recovery process.

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