Active FX: Initial Results vs. Long Term Results

Active FX is a CO2 laser treatment that can be applied on the face and other problem areas that require tightening and resurfacing. If you are considering this type of treatment, you should find out more about the procedure. See what the initial and the long term results of the procedure are, so that you can decide if Active FX fits your expectations from a cosmetic treatment.

Initial Results of Active FX

Active FX is a treatment that employs CO2 laser beams, which will cause skin irritation immediately after the procedure. The skin can be swollen, red, and there may also be bruises under the skin. The healing process after an Active FX treatment lasts up to 1 week on average, but if you happen to have more sensitive skin, the side effects of Active FX may persist for longer.

You should also pay special attention and avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid possible sun burns. Your skin will be more sensitive after the CO2 treatment, and you may also react negatively to several other skin products that you normally tolerate.

After the side effects of Active FX subside, you should be able to see the results of Active FX. The CO2 laser beams will make the skin tighter and improve the texture as well. The size of the skin pores should be significantly smaller after the Active FX treatment. You should also notice that the superficial wrinkles will be less visible and the deeper wrinkles may also be less evident.

Any possible age spots, scars or skin imperfections should be fixed with an Active FX treatment. However, Active FX is only suitable for superficial skin imperfections, and if the imperfections are deeply embedded, a different type of treatment should be considered. The effects of the Active FX treatment may improve during the following 4 to 6 weeks, as the CO2 laser beams will activate the collagen in the skin, and it takes a few weeks until the effects of the newly produced collagen are visible.

Long Term Results of Active FX

The long term effects of Active FX may depend on several variables such as:

  • Your age when getting the Active FX treatment
  • The quality of your skin
  • The type of your skin (patients with oily skin may experience more durable results)
  • The initial condition of the skin
  • Your lifestyle and exposure to sun (avoiding sun exposure can delay the aging of the skin)
  • The skills of the plastic surgeon applying the Active FX treatment

The results of an Active FX treatment may be between 1 and 2 years on average. You may also prolong the effects of Active FX by avoiding exposure to sun, different damaging chemicals, using quality skin products that take care of your skin, and adopting a diet that is filled with vitamins and nutrients essential for the health of the skin.