Threadlift Maintenance

Threadlift is an alternative method of face lifting surgery. It can provide you with satisfying results when done by a skilled surgeon. The face lift achieved by this method is subtle, and hence it is ideal for middle-aged people with minimal signs of aging.

How It Works

Barbed sutures are used to lift the sagging tissues in the areas of eyelids, eyebrows, corners of mouth and nasolabial folds. The barbs on the thread can help to grab the tissue, lift it and anchor it below the facial tissues. It does not require any stitch or incisions, and hence, scarring does not occur in this procedure.

Although this procedure sounds simple, it can produce better results if you follow a skin care routine regularly. Some of these tips may help you to maintain your thread-lifted skin.

Post-Operative Care

    Follow the post-operative instructions as given by the surgeon properly. You may be instructed to be driven home by a helper or an escort and then you will have to rest for at least 24 hours from the time of the procedure. Keep your head in a slightly elevated position for at least 1 day so that swelling will be reduced. Follow a soft diet for the first 7 days in order to reduce stress on the barbed sutures, as otherwise sutures may become visible under your skin. Mild pain-reducing medication like acetaminophen has to be taken to control the pain. Avoid taking medicines like ibuprofen to reduce to the risk of bruising.

    Sun rays can damage your skin with harmful UV radiation. Hence, sun exposure has to be minimized or avoided. Use sunscreens with a high SPF in order to reduce the damage caused by the sun.

      The effects of threadlift can last for 2 to 4 years, and for increasing the collagen to tighten the skin, you can have procedures like BOTOX® injections. You may also consider having dermal filler injections in order to maintain the rejuvenated skin.

      Holistic Approach

        If your body is healthy, it shows in your skin. Therefore, you can have a holistic approach to life in order to prolong the effects of the thread lift procedure. Positive changes in lifestyle like regular exercise, a balanced diet and adequate sleep can produce improvement in your overall health, and will definitely be seen in your skin also.

        Other Treatments

          Other facial rejuvenation or enlightenment treatments like brow lift, acupuncture, chemical peel, Vi Peel, Vitalize Peel, light treatments and laser resurfacing can be done in order to maintain the firm skin obtained after the threadlift procedure.

          When you follow these above mentioned steps, you can prolong the results of the threadlift. But, the overall skin health will also depend on certain factors such as age, smoking habits, sleep patterns and underlying health conditions. Keeping these factors in mind, control measures can be taken with the help of a dermatologist to maintain the threadlifted skin.