Conditions that Threadlift Treats

Threadlift is one of the less invasive, non-surgical face lift treatments used to help those who are beginning to show signs of aging or who may possibly have other medical conditions that may benefit from this procedure. It is performed by threading barbed thread through a needle, that's then inserted into the skin to pull the skin tighter.

Conditions Treated by Threadlift

One of the most common conditions that are easily treated by the Threadlift procedure is the process of aging. Threadlift can also help treat cheek and brow ptosis, which appears as sagging caused by weakened muscles. This ptosis condition can be found at any age, which is why this method is suggested to help reduce the invasive nature and recovery time for patients who need to have work done, but also need to return to work within a few days.

Other treatable conditions are found in face lift patients who have relapsed from other, more invasive procedures. Many times these patients just need a small touch up.

If you have any questions about whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure or whether the condition you are currently experiencing would benefit from this procedure, you should check with your primary physician. Once your condition has been determined to be one that can benefit from a Threadlift, you should seek out the best surgeon or physician to perform this procedure so that your condition isn't complicated by an inexperienced or uncertified doctor.