How ThreadLift Is Performed

ThreadLiftis an alternative facelift procedure that has been developed to be less invasive and does not require surgery. This procedure requires one treatment and is said to last from 3 to 5 years after it is performed. The treatment is performed in a short 1/2 hour to 1 hour time period, and the patient can usually return to work within a few hours or days, depending on her reactions to the treatment.

ThreadLift Procedure

The ThreadLift is a procedure that should only be performed by specialists who have been trained for this specific treatment.

The doctor or specialist starts by putting the patient to sleep and then making small incisions in the face with a hollow needle. The thin barbed thread is then inserted through the needle and into the skin, which pulls it tighter, helping to lift the look of the face. The needle is then removed. After the needle has been removed, the threads are positioned and sutured beneath the surface of the skin. The results aren't always quite as prominent as the traditional surgical facelift, but visible nonetheless.

In almost all cases, the threads cannot be seen or felt under the skin after the treatment has been completed. See your doctor if you are having problems in either one of these areas. There has recently been a reverse procedure developed to help correct these unforeseen errors and problems with the procedure.

Things to Know about ThreadLift

When the procedure is complete, be sure to talk to your doctor about facial cleansing, and other specific guidelines she would like you to follow for a few months. Many times, bruising, swelling and pain may occur, so be sure to consult with your doctor on how to keep all of these things at a minimum.