Candidacy for Threadlift

To be a candidate for Threadlift is actually very simple. In fact, many people ages 35 to 45 are starting to show signs of aging and as their skin begins to sag, they become great candidates for the procedure.


The main symptom that can qualify you as a ThreadLift candidate is drooping skin around the jowls, eyes, neck or brows. The ThreadLift procedure is also recommended for those with a busy lifestyle and schedule, who need a procedure that allows for minimal recovery time.

Some other people who may want to consider the ThreadLift are listed below.

  • People who want to look younger, but without having an invasive or highly visible procedure performed.
  • People who may show signs of early aging and have excessively loose skin.
  • Patients who may want to get back to work quickly and are looking for a procedure with minimal recovery time.
  • People willing to accept the results and possible side effects of the procedure.
  • Patients who have had relapses from other face lift procedures.

Those with the medical conditions of cheek or brow ptosis, also known as sagging skin caused by weakened muscles in these areas, can also be considered great candidates for a ThreadLift.

Consult with a Physician

Even if you feel you are a perfect candidate for the procedure, you should still consult with your physician or a specialist first before deciding to go in for treatment. Your personal can give you a better idea of whether or not you should go through with the treatment.

Who Should Avoid This Procedure

Some people who should avoid this procedure are people with thin skin, and those who want to experience a greater change in their appearance.