How to Use Haemafine Syrup for Acne Treatment

Acne treatment may be topical or may be made up of oral medications or solutions that will act from the inside out to clear the skin. Haemafine syrup is a treatment that will act as a blood purifier, resulting ultimately in clearer skin and diminished acne symptoms.

Ingredients of Haemafine Syrup

Haemafine syrup is a natural product that is used for different medical conditions, including skin conditions. The haemafine syrup will perform a cleaning of the blood. A clean blood will mean clean skin and reduce dryness and wrinkles. The ingredients of the haemafine syrup include:

  • Nimb patra
  • Sariva
  • Manjistha
  • Gandhak rasayan
  • Bakuchi
  • Lauh bhasam
  • Mandura bhasam

These are all herbal ingredients that will enter the system and filter the waste materials from the blood, stimulating the liver to eliminate the materials that cause acne and poor skin condition.

Haemafine Syrup for Acne

Acne is a common skin problem, affecting adolescents and also adults. The condition may be caused by the blockage of skin pores or due to different internal conditions such as the buildup of toxins in the blood. The acne results as a result of the body trying to get rid of these toxins from the blood stream. The acne is most frequently met in areas such as the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and also on the body (i.e. the back).

The haemafine syrup is a treatment that will work from the inside out to eliminate the toxins from the blood and reducing the symptoms of acne. The toxins in the skin and blood may lead to an acne flare up, and the haemafine syrup will act as a natural remedy to prevent acne.

How to Use Haemafine Syrup

The haemafine syrup may be prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners. For patients with acne, the product will be recommended in small doses, typically 1 to 2 tbsp of syrup taken after the most important meals. The treatment may be continued even if the acne is eliminated, as the haemafine syrup can act as a preventive measure against future acne flare ups.

The haemafine syrup will not have any major side effects, as it is an herbal product. Some people may have gastro-intestinal problems manifested through diarrhea or vomiting and upset stomach, but these symptoms should subside after a few days of treatment, as the body will adjust to the haemafine syrup. The haemafine syrup shouldn’t be used as a topical solution, as it may irritate the skin.

Additional Recommendations for Acne Treatment

To support the haemafine syrup treatment, alternative practitioners will recommend a diet that will help the cleansing of the blood and body. The patient should avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking and caffeine, which are major toxins.

The diet should contain a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants that will help the regeneration of the skin. The patient should also clean his face twice per day to eliminate dirt and to prevent the clogging of pores.