Acne Scar Prevention

The most effective way to prevent acne scars is early treatment. The longer acne is left untreated the higher the incidence of scarring. It is recommended to visit your skin care specialist as soon as acne appears. Here are some tips on how you can help prevent acne scars:

Avoid scrubbing the face and using harsh skin products that may further aggravate the skin and cause inflammatory breakouts.

It is also important to let minor pimples run their natural course instead of trying to remove them by popping or squeezing them. Doing this can push dirt and bacteria deep into the skin and cause acne to spread. Picking at a blemish also prolongs the skin's healing time and increases the likelihood of a scab developing.

People who are normally prone to getting scars have a higher risk of developing acne scars. Those who do scar easily should consult with a skin care professional at the onset of the condition to treat the acne before it causes scarring.

Maintaining a proper skin cleansing routine will also significantly reduce your chances of acne scars. Washing the face twice a day with an antibacterial cleanser will help keep the affected area clean and free of infection, as well as help prevent future breakouts. If you are not sure what type of cleanser to use for your skin type, consult with a skin care professional. They will be able to recommend a suitable over the counter face cleanser, or prescribe a special acne product for more severe cases of acne.

By incorporating these efforts into your daily routine you can significantly minimize the chances of developing acne scars or completely eliminate any acne scarring from taking place.