Preparing for Your Acne Appointment

If you have severe acne it is important to seek treatment from an experienced skin care professional. Treating your acne early on will reduce the risk of scarring and prevent permanent damage to your skin. To help you prepare for your initial appointment, here are some tips and information on what to expect.

Before your visit, make sure to prepare a list of questions to ask the specialist.

Questions to ask

• What types of treatment options are available for acne?
• Which method do you recommend for me?
• How much does the treatment cost?
• Will I need a series of treatments? How many?
• Are there any side effects I should expect after the treatment?
• How soon after my first session should I expect results?
• If the first type of procedure is unsuccessful, what will be the next course of treatment?
• Should I make any changes to my diet or daily routine to help improve my acne?

Be prepared to also provide your skin care specialist with background information on the history of your acne. This will help your practitioner create the perfect course of treatment for you

The following are a list of questions your specialist may ask:

Questions from the specialist

• When did your acne begin?
• Have you used any over the counter products or prescription acne medications to treat your acne?
• Are there certain foods or habits that trigger acne or make your acne worse?
• Are there certain daily habits or times in the month that your acne appears to improve?
• Do you have a family history of acne?

Important things to remember

Make sure you arrive to your appointment at least 15 minutes before. If this is your first time visiting that skin care professional you will generally be required to fill out a health information form listing your medical history, medications you are on, as well as any drug allergies you may have. Keep in mind you should come to your appointment with a fresh face free of makeup. Your specialist will be doing a thorough examination of your skin and he will want to be able to clearly identify the problem areas.

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