What Are Spider Veins?

Spider Veins, also known as varicose veins, occur on several areas of the body. Most people who suffer from this condition simply despise the visual appearance of the multi-colored veins that plague their bodies.

Spider Vein Causes

Spider veins often occur due to a lack of blood flow. When blood becomes trapped inside of an individual vein, swelling and discoloring occurs. Many individuals with spider veins develop the condition because of obesity, heredity, hormonal changes and imbalances, blood clots and blood flow restriction caused by certain clothing items.

Variance in Spider Veins

Some spider veins occur on the legs while others occur on the face. Most cases of spider veins happen to women and not men. Over 30% of adults face spider veins at some point.

Vein Treatment

In order to increase and promote healthy blood flow as an attempt to reduce spider veins, most people seek simple, cost effective treatment for the condition. For example, many find help by improving their skin hygiene, increasing exercise, and revamping their diet and lifestyle choices. A healthy diet, including a reduction in foods high in sodium and saturated fat, often provides patients with a practical solution for reducing their risk of spider veins.

Sclerotherapy involves an injection of saline directly into the problematic veins. Some people seek laser treatment as well.

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