Causes of Spider Veins

Spider veins sometimes cause pain and discomfort in individuals who suffer from the condition. However, those with the condition generally face a great deal of dissatisfaction due to the appearance of the veins.

Varicose Veins Variance

The cause of varicose veins varies with each individual. Some face a much higher predisposition than others.


Though, those who have family members and ancestors who suffered from the condition face a greater risk of seeing spider veins develop in their bodies.


While some people face a greater genetic disposition or inheritance of spider veins, others develop the condition due to health issues. Obese people and those with high blood pressure face a greater risk of developing the condition.

Gender and Hormones

Women often develop the condition more than men. Hormonal factors play a key role in the development of spider veins. Women who take birth control or hormonal supplements face a greater risk of developing varicose veins.

Vein Issues and Trauma

Those with previous injuries directly related to the veins see greater risk of spider vein development. Vein surgery also periodically causes varicose veins as well. Some skin injuries and conditions will put individuals at a higher predisposition than others in regard to the development spider veins. Also, garments that restrict blood flow often cause veins to become varicose.

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