Tips for Choosing a Varicose Veins Specialist

Deciding to seek treatment is a common decision among individuals suffering from varicose veins. The pain and heaviness in the legs, as well as the embarrassing appearance of the condition, may lead many searching for a vein specialist. However, before choosing a clinic, there are certain factors that patients should consider.

How to Choose a Clinic

For one, the clinic or doctor's office that one chooses should be equipped with proven materials, tools and technology to ensure safety. Do not receive treatment from a clinic using outdated or ineffective equipment, as this may reduce the chances of success and/or increase the risk of injury.

Make sure you choose a clinic that is relatively close to your home. If you're driving yourself home, you do not want a lengthy commute after treatment. Some treatments for varicose veins require patients find a ride from a friend or family member. Even in these cases, a lengthy car ride can be very uncomfortable after treatment.

Price and Financing

Look into the prices the clinic or doctor's office charges for treatment. provides general price ranges for some treatments, but these may vary from one clinic to the next.

If the price seems too high, ask about the difference as there may be an acceptable explanation. If clinics charge substantially less than all other clinics, this should not automatically rule out enlisting their services, but patients should proceed with caution and ask about the equipment and materials they use, as well as the qualifications of the individual(s) performing the procedure.

For those who want to finance their treatment, asking about financing plans is often helpful in determining which clinic is right for you.

Choosing the Right Specialist

A vein specialist that is experienced in treating varicose veins and knowledgeable about the subject should perform treatment. Vein specialists may include family doctors, physicians, phlebologists, dermatologists, vascular surgeons and other medical professionals licensed and certified to treat varicose veins.

Check with your state's Medical Licensing Board to make sure that the physician is qualified. It may also be helpful to ask for references or to see before and after pictures, as this is often a helpful tool in determining a doctor's talent in providing treatment. Most of all, you'll want to choose a vein specialist you feel comfortable with. Take into account safety, certifications, qualifications, experience and talent when choosing a vein specialist to provide treatment.

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