Tips for Choosing an Unwanted Facial Hair Specialist

When seeking treatment for unwanted facial hair, women should be sure to choose a clinic and specialist that fits their needs and provides them with exceptional service and results. There are various resources available that may provide insight into the specialist's qualifications and skill.

What to Consider

When deciding to seek treatment for unwanted facial hair, choosing the right clinic or medical spa is important. Patients will want to choose a clinic that is located in their area. This avoids the lengthy commute to and from the clinic, which may be particularly important after treatment. Although removing unwanted facial hair is not an invasive treatment and does not require downtime in most cases, most patients like to avoid a long car ride home. Individuals who are interested in financing should inquire about which financing options are available. On a related note, patients should also ask about pricing before treatment to avoid an unexpected bill. offers information related to normal price ranges for treatment, although prices may vary from one clinic to the next. Ask about any price differences, as there may be a reasonable explanation.

The Specialist

Treatment for unwanted facial hair may be performed by a dermatologist, family physician, esthetician, medical spa technician, nurse or other skincare professional. The professional performing the treatment or offering medical advice should be well-qualified and suited for the task. Check with the state Medical Licensing Board to confirm the specialist's certification to perform treatment. Never receive treatment from a specialist who is not qualified. References and before and after photographs may be also be helpful. Before choosing any clinic or specialist, patients should make sure that they feel comfortable receiving treatment at the facility and from the individual.

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