Preparing for Your Ringworm Appointment

Ringworm is a fungal infection that may affect the skin, nails and hair. The infection may occur on various areas of the body, depending on where contact with the infection was made. If you suspect you have a ringworm infection, you should see a dermatologist. Here is how you can prepare for the appointment.

Monitor Your Symptoms

When you see your dermatologist, he will want to know the symptoms that you have experienced, as this will make the diagnosis easier. You should tell your doctor if you experience itchiness or have any ring shaped patches on your body. You can examine your body, as some ringworm lesions may be easy to miss.

Mention if you have experienced any hair loss or you noticed a change in the quality of your nails. If there are any other symptoms, such as fever or puss accumulation, you should let the dermatologist know. Don’t forget to mention if you have applied any treatment; bring any creams and ointments that you may have used.

Know What to Expect

To have a stress free appointment, you should prepare by knowing what to expect during the encounter with the dermatologist. Firstly, you will be examined and you will have to show the lesions that you suspect may be caused by a ringworm infection. You will have to inform the doctor if you have been in contact with an infected pet or person.

A skin scraping test will be taken; this takes two minutes and won’t hurt, but you may feel a tiny pinch. The test results will be available immediately and you will get treatment.

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