Ringworm Prevention

Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects the top layer of the skin. The condition can be quite irritating, as it usually causes extreme itchiness and irritation at the site of the infection. Ringworm infections are identified by their circular red rashes present on the skin, but the condition can vary in appearance. The rashes associated with a ringworm infection are usually round with normal or healthy skin in the middle of the rash.

How to Prevent Ringworm

Ringworm is transmitted through fungal microorganisms that attach to the body. These microorganisms are parasites that thrive on the cells on the outer layer of the skin and body. Ringworm is highly contagious, but there are ways of preventing the infection from occurring.

Most ringworm infections in humans are spread from direct contact with other individuals with ringworm. Touching the skin of another individual with ringworm can result in the transmission of the parasite to the body. The infection can also be spread by animals with ringworm, such as dogs and cats. Petting or handling an animal suffering from a ringworm infection may cause you to develop ringworm as well. Ringworm is also commonly spread though contact with objects that another with ringworm has touched. Using the same towel, bedding, hair brush, clothing or shoes as another individual will greatly increase your chances of developing ringworm. In more rare cases, ringworm can be transmitted to humans through soil or dirt that is infected with the fungus.

To prevent ringworm infections, it is best to avoid contact with other individuals that are infected with the condition. If you come into contact with the ringworm fungus, wash your hands and body immediately to prevent any further transmission. Do not share clothing, towels, shoes or other personal items with others, as this is how the condition is often spread. It is also recommended that individuals are cautious when handling animals they do not know, as ringworm can be spread from animal to human by direct contact.

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