Rosacea Natural Treatment: Zinc

Rosacea natural treatment options are widely considered to be an effective and successful approach to treating this condition. Rosacea is an uncomfortable and irritating chronic skin condition which affects millions of people globally. It causes redness and swelling, mainly on the face. The eyes, neck, ears, scalp, chest and back are the other areas that can be affected.

Rosacea can affect children and individuals of any skin type. This skin condition is frequently passed on in families, with women being affected more often than men. Generally women and fair-skinned people in the age group of 30 and 60 years are more prone to being affected.

Symptoms of Rosacea

The main symptoms include facial redness and swelling, facial flushing, visible blood vessels, pimples, sore nose, bumps and thickening of the facial skin. Although the causes of rosacea are unidentified and at present there is no cure, rosacea can be effectively controlled or treated.

Dermatologists and physicians recommend topical creams, lotions or antibiotics to patients with rosacea. Other patients have a preference to make use of natural remedies. Some natural treatments suggested by skin specialists to reduce rosacea include aloe, red clover, selenium and zinc.

Usage of Zinc in the Treatment of Rosacea

Zinc, a vital mineral for health, plays a significant role in reducing inflammation, healing skin and keeping it healthy. Zinc is also very important for the immune system and it usually helps to heal wounds. Zinc is generally found in red meat, cheese and seafood. Pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, pecan nuts, cashews, brewers yeast and shell fish are all rich sources of zinc. Rosacea patients are believed to have found some relief by the usage of Zinc in treating rosacea. One should be cautious when taking zinc supplements since too much zinc can potentially be unsafe for the body.

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