Rosacea Natural Treatment: Licorice

A rosacea natural treatment is the herb licorice. Rosacea is a chronic condition that most often affects women between the ages of 30 and 60. Evidence of rosacea would usually include areas of redness and bumps on the face and visible blood vessels located on the nose. There is no cure for rosacea, however, licorice extract has been shown to be highly effective in reducing the symptons and frequency of this condition.

How It Works

One of main ingredients in licorice is glycyrrhizinate, which is a combination anti-inflammatory and moisture agent. One method of attacking the problem of rosacea is to mix powdered licorice extract with aloe vera gel, and spread it over the face in the form of a mask. This mask should be left on for between 10 and 20 minutes and then removed. A visble reduction in swelling and redness will be noticed.

Other Medication

An inexpensive and effective medication for rosacea is called Encerin's Redness Relief. The main ingredient in this medication is licorice extract. Once this medication is started, a noticeable reduction in redness will be observed at four and eight weeks. Another medication where licorice extract is active ingredient is Licochalone A, which studies have shown significantly reduces the signs of inflammation and irritation on the skin.

There is another treatment that has been around for centuries that may be of interest to people suffering from the effects of rosacea. This treatment is commonly referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine and, once again, the main ingredient in this method of treatment is the extract from the licorice root.

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