Sensitive Skin Treatment: Herbs

Dried flowers and herbs can be used in sensitive skin treatment, as they will not irritate the skin as many chemicals used in commercial products do. With sensitive skin, red and irritated, swollen and bumps or pustules can often occur. The factors that may influence the sensitive skin include the weather or even creams and commercial products that contain chemicals that are irritants for the skin.

Birch Leaves

Birch leaves can be used for sensitive skin. The leaves can be applied topically or some leaf extracts may be used. Birch leaves are:

  • Anti inflammatory solutions
  • Astringent
  • Antiseptic
  • Will improve the quality of the skin, making it more immune to irritant factors

Comfrey Toner

A comfrey toner may be prepared using the leaves and the roots of the comfrey plant, also known as Symphytum spp. The toner is rich in carbohydrates and allantoin, which will soothe the skin and keep it moisturized. The toner may alleviate wrinkles and repair damaged or excessively dry skin. The toner should be used only topically, as internally, it may be toxic.


Chamomile has soothing effects and may be applied on irritated skin. The dried flowers may be used, but tea bags are equally effective when applied on sensitive skin.


Calendula may be used in people with sensitive skin and will soothe and regenerate cracked skin. The solution should be applied topically.

Burdock Root

The burdock root extracts are ideal for irritated skin and may protect sensitive skin from harmful factors. A solution containing burdock root extracts can also be used internally to clean the system and the blood, resulting in clearer skin. Eczema and psoriasis can be treated with burdock root.

Dandelion Extracts

Dandelion leaves are a natural astringent and may be used to cleanse the skin.

When used internally, the dandelion leaf and root extracts can remove toxins from the blood, which can reduce the appearance of spots and rashes on the skin.


Echinacea can be used as a calming agent on irritated skin and may also tone up the skin. Echinacea is often used in creams and ointments to heal skin wounds.

Horsetail Extracts

The horsetail is a plant that may be used in alternative medicine. The extracts from the stem and the roots may have astringent properties. When used topically, the horsetail solution can remove dead skin cells, having abrasive properties.

Lady’s Mantle

The Lady’s Mantle is a plant that can be recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin. The solution can eliminate flakiness and repair skin; it may also reduce inflammation and wrinkles.


The nettle can be used both externally and internally and will have a cleansing effect. Used externally, the nettle extracts will act as an astringent and can also repair broken, dry skin and reduce blood capillaries that may be visible on the surface of the skin.

Peppermint Leaves

The peppermint leaves can be used on sensitive skin and will reduce swelling and rashes, but may also improve the skin’s elasticity.

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