Causes of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a condition that affects many, many people. There may be several symptoms of sensitive skin and these may vary from patient to patient. Various treatments may also be used depending on which symptom, or symptoms, the individual is experiencing.

Causes May Vary

There may be several different causes of sensitive skin spanning from foods we eat to stress to genetic factors. While the cause of sensitive skin may lead one to a certain treatment, treatment ultimately depends on the symptoms. Some patients are just born with sensitive skin and will blush easily or will be constantly itchy. Patients may be prone to sun burn or may freckle with sun exposure. Cases like this can be attributed to genetic factors. Foods may cause severe allergic reactions for some. Some foods may cause patients to break out in hives or experience other skin problems. Stress may be a factor for some patients, while certain medications or changes to medications may cause reactions in others. Individuals with sensitive skin should also determine if makeup or certain fabrics cause their symptoms.

Avoiding Sensitive Skin Reactions

The best way to avoid reactions is to determine what triggers symptoms and avoid those activities or environments. For example, if a patient's skin is sensitive to the sun and burns or freckles easily, he or she should avoid excessive sun exposure, or should wear protective sun screen. Patients who are allergic to certain foods should avoid those foods as much as possible to avoid allergic reactions that may include skin sensitivities such as hives. Dry skin may be remedied with moisturizers. However, patients should consult a skincare professional before choosing a moisturizer, as certain chemical moisturizers may cause allergic reactions in patients with sensitive skin.

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