Learning to Love Your Birthmarks

Birthmarks can occur any place on an individual’s body. While most birthmarks are unpredictable in their presence and location, they are usually unable to be removed. Birthmarks described as “port-wine” stains are very dark and almost impossible to cover or remove. Therefore, individuals having this type of birthmark often have little choice but to learn to love their characteristic.

Port-Wine Birthmarks

The good news about this type of birthmark is that it is very low risk. This means that they are usually painless and pose little to no chance of developing into a worse condition. However, this does not reduce their visibility or embarrassment.

Realize Your Limitations

Many individuals plagued by birthmarks try to cover them with makeup or other materials to mask their appearance. Often, though, because of their color completely masking them, it is impossible. Using makeup to cover a birthmark is also difficult because many of the brands on the market are designed to add shine to your face. This can counteract your intention of covering your birthmark.

Beginning to love your birthmark means realizing that there is very little you can do to mask and even less to completely remove it. While this may cause you distress, acceptance of your birthmark is the very first step in moving towards appreciating your birthmark.

Realize It Makes You Unique

Another important step in beginning to love your birthmark is to realize that it is what makes you unique. While the term “unique” often carries negative connotations, it is also a marker of independence and of being an original. A birthmark is not something to be abhorred or hated, but rather something to celebrate as uniquely yours. No two birthmarks are alike; it is this fact that makes your birthmark your own.

Talk to Someone

Often, the best way to work something out with yourself is to talk to someone else regarding the topic. Try seeing a therapist or joining a support group for individuals with birthmarks. These groups may provide you with coping mechanisms and other points of view about your birthmark and reconciling the fact that you have a birthmark that cannot be removed. Speaking with other people can help put your issue into perspective and push you into the realm of accepting the fact that you have a birthmark.

Realize It Is a Part of Yourself

Your birthmark occurred during your birth or because of the influence of genetics, even though genetics play very little in birthmark development. A birthmark is a part of your history; this is an important thing to remember when working towards accepting your birthmark. History cannot be changed; the only thing that can be done about the past is to accept it for what it is.

If this seems difficult for you, try imagining a time when you did not have the birthmark? Is that difficult to do? Now, consider how people have treated you with the birthmark. Chances are that other than strangers or rude people, nobody has treated you meanly because you have a birthmark.

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