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Restylane Questions

How long after Restylane treatments can I return to vigorous exercise?
Restylane -2 answers
How long after Restylane treatments can I return to vigorous exercise? Read more
Will Restylane fade away?
Restylane -3 answers
Will this Restylane go away? How long does it take? Read more
If you have Restylane injections and lose weight in the face will that affect the injections?
Restylane -3 answers
Should i wait to have Restylane injections to my face if i plan on loosing approx. 10 pounds? Read more
How long do I have to wait to eat after Restylane lip injections?
Restylane -2 answers
Could eating certain things affect my results? Read more
How soon after Restylane treatments do you see results?
Restylane -3 answers
how soon after treatment do you see results? Read more
What dosage do you need to break down Restylane?
Restylane -2 answers
What would you use to do this? Read more
Is swelling a side effect of Restylane?
Restylane -2 answers
Is there any swelling that occurs with this procedure, if so, how long does the swelling last? Read more
Can Restylane help reduce the appearance of jowls?
Restylane -3 answers
Can Restylane reduce appearance of jowls by filling in the chin? If yes, how much should it cost (materials and labor)? Read more
Are my Restylane Injections already losing their effect after five weeks?
Restylane -2 answers
I had restylane injections to improve deep undereye wells. I had them in the tear trough(I think that's how you spell it) It was great but after three weeks and now 5 weeks the filler seems completely gone. I h... Read more
Can restylane be used to treat puffy eyes?
Restylane -4 answers
Can Restylane be used on eyes? I am 42 years old and I have puffy bags around my eyes. I thought I would need to have the fat removed but was told to use a filler instead. What is best option for filler type. Read more
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Price and quality of Restylane versus other dermal fillers?
Restylane -1 answer
What is the general price for the procedure for around mouth and lips. What are some differences between other fillers compared to Restylane? Why do they choose Restylane over others? Read more
Does Restylane smooth deep wrinkle lines?
Restylane -1 answer
I have a lot of deep wrinkles lines around and over my lip...would Restylane work to smooth these out. Read more
Restylane Ingredients, Safety?
Restylane -1 answer
I have a lot of allergies to cosmetic products. What is Restylane made of, and will it be safe for me? Read more

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