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Laser Hair Removal Questions

What is the condition and treatment for short thick hairs that appeat to be blackheads (but are not) on your nose?
Laser Hair Removal -2 answers
I have a client with hairs on the sides of his nose that look like blackheads but are short, coarse hairs. what is the condition and how can it be treated? Preferably without electrolisis or laser... Read more
Are the lasers used in laser hair removal the same as those used for tattoo removal?
Laser Hair Removal -2 answers
Will using a laser hair removal laser near my tattoo remove or affect it? I don't want my tattoo to fade but the hair nearby it is thick and i'd like to have it removed. Read more
Does your hair color effect the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal?
Laser Hair Removal -4 answers
I have heard that Laser Hair Removal may not be as effective on lighter color hair (e.g. red or blonde hair). Is this true? If so, what makes it less effective? Read more
With laser hair removal will dark spots be removed as well?
Laser Hair Removal -2 answers
Will the dark spots go away? And does the hair never grow back once you get the treatment? Read more
How many sessions are required for upper lip and chin hair removal?
Laser Hair Removal -1 answer
How many sessions are typically needed for upper lip and chin hair removal? Read more
Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair
Laser Hair Removal -3 answers
I have facial hair. I was young when I first noticed and started shaving it so of course it has gotten worse to the point I have to shave everyday. Does this procedure work on faces and is it safe? Read more

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