Wart Treatment: Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy

Wart treatment may include duct tape occlusion therapy, DTOT. This type of treatment is very simple and involves keeping the warts covered with duct tape. In time, the warts may fall off. The efficiency of this treatment is questionable.

How DTOT Works

The duct tape occlusion therapy is easy to use and may be tried at home. However, it’s important to establish if you are dealing with warts, as the lesions may also be other types of growths.

DTOT is applied as follows:

  • Get a piece of duct tape, large enough to cover the warts
  • Place the duct tape on the warts and keep the tape in place for six days
  • Remove the tape and scrape off the warts using pumice stone
  • Reapply fresh tape and repeat the steps until the warts are gone

The exact mechanism of this treatment is not known, but some specialists say that the warts are deprived of oxygen. Other specialists claim that the presence of duct tape stimulates the immune system to fight off the papilloma virus causing the warts.

Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy Efficiency

DTOT should be applied for no more than two months and in some people, the warts will fall off within a few weeks. However, you may not respond well to the treatment. If you get no results in two months, you should see a dermatologist.

DTOT has no proven results and there are several studies conducted on the efficiency of the treatment.

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