Melasma Treatment: Kojic Acid

A melasma treatment may consist of chemical peels, topical steroid creams or natural skin bleaching agents that work effectively to improve the skin discoloration. In some cases, if the melasma is too severe, laser treatments are recommended to remove the dark patches that appear on the skin. Even though melasma can affect both genders, the condition occurs mostly in females due to hormonal influences, pregnancy, using birth control and excessive exposure to the sun. Melasma can be managed successfully by using natural treatment options to reduce the darkening of the skin.

Kojic Acid Melasma Treatment

Kojic acid is a skin bleaching agent that evens skin tone and treats pigmentation issues associated with melasma. It works by reducing the production of melanin deposits in the skin and prevents the formation of hyperpigmented patches. The treatment can also be used on the skin for other conditions that may include sun damage, acne spots, acne scars and freckles. Kojic acid contains antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties that allow the product to fight the effects of various skin disorders. Kojic acid is considered to be a relatively safe, non-cancerous natural remedy. In Europe it is used as a harmless alternative when compared to a bleaching agent known as hydroquinone. Furthermore, its efficacy is also supported by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Conducted studies have proven that kojic acid creams and kojic acid gels produce the best results when used on a long-term basis. Results from using kojic acid are usually visible within five to six weeks.

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