Causes of Sun Damage

Sun damage to the skin is a problem affecting many people. Effects of sun damage may include sun spots, sunburn, freckling and other symptoms. Skin cancer is among the more serious effects of sun damage.

Dangers of Tanning

Many of the signs of aging that people experience in their adult years have been attributed to sun tanning. Sun tanned skin is thought of as beautiful and attractive by many, and teens and young adults often spend hours working on their tans. However, it may surprise some to learn that sun tans from the teen years may have harmful, negative effects on one's skin later in life. After all, sun tanned skin is the result of damage to the superficial layer of skin. Sun exposure actually increases the effects of aging and can lead to skin cancer, so what may be perceived as beautiful now may turn into sun spots and other skin conditions later.

Other Risk Factors

Tanning beds expose the skin to UVA rays, just as the sun. However, research indicates that the UVA rays from tanning beds may be two to three times more powerful than those that occur naturally from the sun. Working outdoors obviously leads to increased sun exposure. People who work outdoors should take the appropriate steps to minimize sun exposure and should talk to a skincare professional about proper clothing and sunscreen to avoid sun damage as much as possible. Fair skinned individuals may be at increased risk of sunburn and sun damage. These individuals should take the proper precautions to avoid sunburn and sun damage, such as wearing sunscreen or proper clothing when outdoors. Generally, rays from the sun cause sun damage. Many people are unaware of the negative long-term effects than suntans may have on the skin's health and appearance. More information about sun damage and its causes may be available from a skincare professional.