Learn What Triggers Melasma

Melasma appears as a dark tan or brown pigmented area on the face. Patients who notice these symptoms are encouraged to speak with a skincare professional for treatment options. Most cases, however, do not require treatment and go away on their own.

'Mask of Pregnancy'

Melasma is sometimes referred to as chloasma or the 'mask of pregnancy' because it is common on pregnant women. The condition usually disappears after pregnancy, although some women may require treatment following their pregnancy to get rid of melasma. Those with a family history of melasma may be more likely to develop the condition themselves. The condition is most common in women, although it may be found in men as well. The exact cause of melasma is not fully understood.


Birth control pills, cosmetics, hormone therapy, antiseizure medication, sun exposure and medicine that causes a sensitivity to light in the skin may be possible triggers of melasma. The ultraviolet light of the sun may stimulate the melanocytes (pigment producing cells in the skin), causing extra pigment in the area. Patients are often encouraged to stay out of the sun if they have melasma and wear sunscreen of SPF15 if they are going to be in the sun for an extended period. For more information about melasma, patients should consult a skincare professional in their area. SkinCareGuide.com also offers further information about the condition.

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