Specialists Who Treat Shingles

The condition known as shingles is connoted by painful blisters and rashes on the skin. It is technically a virus that is put into play through a system of nerve impulses. Thus, in order to adequately treat a case of shingles, you and a doctor must work to target the virus itself, and not merely work to keep the symptoms of the condition down.

Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians are the best and first line of defense against shingles. Oftentimes, these doctors can provide you with medicines to help counteract the symptoms of the disease while you wait for the virus itself to run its course. In some cases, you may be able to find medicines that will help to speed up the recovery time as well. A primary care physician is familiar with all of these various medicines and can help by prescribing them to you.


Dermatologists may be able to help diagnose shingles as well. However, they will likely refer you back to a primary care doctor for more information about how to combat shingles once they have identified them.

Cosmetic surgeons and other cosmetic doctors are not the best choice of specialists to work with in order to combat your case of shingles.

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