Rosacea Treatment: Clindamycin (Topical)

Clindamycin is a topical antibiotic rosacea treatment. Clindamycin treatment is only available by prescription in a 1 percent solution of lotion or gel. When this small amount is applied externally, clindamycin is absorbed through the skin and has the ability to stop the growth of bacteria. Clindamycin is a recommended alternative to treat various phases of rosacea when oral antibiotics fail to work. By consistently using this topical treatment, the progression of rosacea can be significantly reduced.

How to Use Clindamycin

Your hands should be washed before and after you apply the medication. Clean and dry the affected skin. Clindamycin should only be applied to the areas of the face that are affected by rosacea. Shake the bottle of the lotion and apply a thin layer of the medication to the skin, or follow specific instructions from your doctor. If you choose to use the medicated pad, gently apply the medication to the affected skin and dispose of the pad after use. The amount of medicated pads you need will depend on the size of the rosacea that is being treated.

When using clindamycin, it is important to avoid getting the treatment into your eyes, mouth, nose and broken skin. If this should happen accidentally, rinse with cool water. The treatment usually takes up to six weeks before you notice an improvement of the rosacea skin condition.

Side Effects

When using this medication, you may experience side effects that consist of burning, itching, peeling skin or redness. Always inform your doctor if these side effects occur or become more severe.

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