Preparing for Your Chapped Lips Appointment

When you are preparing for your chapped lips appointment, you need to keep some things in mind and come to the appointment as prepared as possible.

Bring a List

You should treat your appointment for your chapped lips the same way you would if you were going to a regular doctor’s appointment. There is certain information that the doctor or dermatologist is going to need in order to help you with your chapped lips, to find out the cause of chapped lips, and to help develop the best plan of treatment for chapped lips. The list should include:

  • When the signs and symptoms of chapped lips occurred
  • At home treatments you have attempted before coming into the office
  • All medications you are currently taking-both prescribed and not prescribed
  • A list of all current diagnosis you have and past medical history
  • The types of ointments, balms, lipsticks, etc., that you normally apply to your lips or have recently started using
  • Write down any family history of oral or lip problems that you or our immediate family has had
  • A list of any major medical problems you or your immediate family members have ever suffered from
  • Be sure to write down any questions you have for the dermatologist so that you will not forget once you are in the office.

While you are preparing for your chapped lips appointment, you should really invest your time and thought into making the list. This information will help your dermatologist or doctor to determine if your chapped lips are due to common reasons, such as environmental causes or an allergic reaction to a new lipstick or balm you have recently started using, or if an underlying medical condition is the culprit.

The dermatologist or doctor will also use the list to know what types of treatments he will be able to provide you in the event that medical intervention is needed for your chapped lips.

What to Expect

If you are visiting a dermatologist or doctor for your chapped lips, it is probably because the pain of the chapped lips is becoming unbearable or your lips are cracking and may possibly be infected or on the verge of infection.

If you are seeing a dermatologist, she will be able to do the same as the doctor by prescribing a specific treatment or reviewing your information and the physical examine of your lips, and see if a referral to a specialist is needed.

If the chapped lips are only due to common causes, a dermatologist is more equipped to treat the chapped lips in more of a cosmetic way. She will be able to either do it herself or tell you what steps you need to take in order to get rid of the chapped lips.

When you are preparing for your chapped lips appointment, do not be nervous. By coming to the appointment prepared with the list, the appointment will go by much quicker and you will be fast on your way to having healing of your chapped lips.