How to Use a Homemade Sugar Scrub to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

Waxing and shaving are the top causes of ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can be removed using various methods, and homemade remedies have gained popularity due to their ease of use and effectiveness. Using a sugar scrub can be effective in removing ingrown hair.

Sugar Scrub for Ingrown Hair

A sugar scrub may be prepared at home and may be used to massage the skin and reduce the ingrown hairs. The sugar will benefit the skin and is also abrasive, so that the dead skin cells are effectively removed. In addition to a sugar scrub, dermatologists recommend the use of hair removal wax that contains sugar.

Preparing a Homemade Sugar Scrub

The sugar scrub may be prepared at home. The ingredients needed may be found around the house. You will need white cane sugar, water and lemon juice. Get lemon juice from 2 fresh lemons and make sure to remove the seeds and pulp. Add the lemon juice to the 2 cups of white cane sugar and 50 ml of water. Mix the ingredients until you obtain a homogenous paste. You may use the sugar scrub immediately or deposit it in an airtight container and place it in the fridge.

How to Apply the Sugar Scrub

Before applying the sugar scrub, the area must be thoroughly disinfected. You may use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Apply the sugar scrub and massage it gently over the areas that are most affected by ingrown hair. Hold the mix on the skin for up to 20 minutes and then thoroughly remove using your regular soap. Rinse with an oatmeal solution and pat the skin dry.

The sugar scrub can be used twice per week, but no more than that. It may be helpful to use the sugar scrub just before starting a shaving, waxing or other hair removal procedure.

Sugar Scrub Effectiveness

The sugar scrub may be effective in reducing the ingrown hair, as it will remove the dead skin cells and will unclog the hair follicles. The sugar scrub should help the hair emerge on the surface of the skin. In addition, the sugar will also help the skin to heal faster, while the lemon will disinfect and tone the skin. Some people may respond better to the treatment.

Alternative Methods to Remove Ingrown Hair

There are a few methods that may also be used in addition to the sugar scrub:

  • Mud masks may act in the same way as the sugar scrub, removing the dead skin cells and helping the hair to emerge on the surface of the skin
  • Neosporin solution, which reduces the chances of infection and eliminate dead skin cells
  • Essential oils that have antiseptic properties and reduce infections
  • Acne products can remove bacteria and exfoliate skin, allowing the hair to grow on the surface of the skin

Replace shaving blades on a regular basis, as these can gather a lot of bacteria.