Cost of Unwanted Facial Hair Treatment

Unwanted facial hair growth may be attributed to a few different factors from menopause to a condition known as hirsutism. Women who experience this problem may grow self-conscious of their appearance and may find the unwanted hair very embarrassing.

Deciding Whether to Seek Treatment

The cost of treatment for unwanted facial hair may range from the very inexpensive to the very expensive. The exact treatment recommended by a skincare professional may depend on the cause of the unwanted hair growth. Patients must consider this when deciding whether or not to seek treatment.

If hair is fine and light, some women may not mind its presence. These women may choose to live with the hair and avoid paying for treatments. Other women, however, may be extremely bothered by the hair growth. These women may be more likely to pay for treatment to rid themselves of the unwanted hair.

Coarse, thick hair, otherwise known as terminal hair, that may be caused by hormone levels during menopause or by hirsutism is embarrassing for most women. Many women with terminal hair decide to seek treatment.

Determining Costs

Treatment may range from tweezing, shaving and waxing to laser hair removal. The cost tweezing, shaving and waxing is relatively cheap compared to other options. Razors or tweezers may cost anywhere from $1 to $20, although electric razors may cost hundreds of dollars. If done at home, waxing may cost around $5 to $15 for a box of strips, while some medical spas or clinics may charge $10 to $20 per session, although this may vary. Despite their inexpensiveness, these options may offer satisfying, long-lasting results. Laser hair removal may range anywhere from $150 per session to $650 per session. This may vary from one clinic to the next, however, so speaking with a clinic or medical spa directly regarding pricing is encouraged. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is described as fair skinned with dark hair. The procedure may be less successful for those with darker skin and/or blonde, red or white hair.

Many clinics or medical spas that offer laser hair removal claim that it offers permanent hair removal or that hair will grow back lighter and finer, making it much less noticeable and bothersome.

Unwanted facial hair is considered a cosmetic concern and treating it is not a medical necessity. Therefore, most insurance carriers do not cover treatment for unwanted facial hair. Patients who would like to inquire further about insurance coverage should contact their insurance carrier.