Understanding Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Dynamic Lines

Dynamic lines are fine lines and wrinkles that are visible only if the facial muscles are contracted to form different expressions. There are 2 main types of lines and wrinkles: dynamic and static.

The dynamic lines can form paths and permanent lines and wrinkles in time. The forming of dynamic wrinkles can be stopped with cosmetic treatments, which will hinder the formation of static wrinkles. Static wrinkles require more ample treatment.

Dynamic Lines

Dynamic lines or wrinkles form when the face is contracted to form different expressions while smiling or frowning. The skin gets wrinkled and paths will form. The dynamic wrinkles are only temporary and if the skin is elastic, it will spring right back to its normal position. The dynamic lines are more frequently formed in the eye area (i.e. when smiling) or between the eye brows (when frowning). Nasolabial folds also form when smiling, while some people form dimples in various areas.

Static Lines and Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are different from dynamic lines or wrinkles, as they are visible even if the facial muscles are not being used. When the face is at rest, the static wrinkles will be noticeable. The most frequently seen static lines are around the eyes (crow’s feet), nasolabial folds or wrinkles on the forehead.

However, dynamic wrinkles contribute to the formation of static wrinkles. As the skin gets older and loses its elasticity, after smiling or frowning, the skin will not spring back immediately. In time, static wrinkles can form, indicating where the dynamic wrinkles typically form.

Static wrinkles form as the skin loses its elasticity and there is a lower concentration of collagen, which keeps the skin tight and evenly surfaced.

Preventing Dynamic Wrinkles

While avoiding smiling or frowning can be a way to prevent the formation of dynamic lines, it is difficult to control the muscles at all times. There are a few cosmetic solutions to prevent the dynamic lines from forming, including BOTOX® or Purtox. BOTOX® is a solution that is injected under the skin, in the areas where the patient is more likely to form dynamic lines. The injection contains a weak solution of botulinum toxin that is not dangerous and will block the facial muscles. The muscles will not contract when smiling or frowning, and the skin will stay wrinkle free. The solution will be effective for 6 to 9 months, so it will have to be reapplied periodically.

Purtox is very similar to BOTOX®, but it uses a different type of botulinum toxin. Purtox is recommended for patients that are allergic to the BOTOX® solution. Testing is required prior each of these treatments. Purtox is pending FDA approval, but can be used by experienced plastic surgeons.

Static wrinkles can be eliminated though various dermal fillers (i.e. porcine, bovine or human collagen or hyaluronic acid fillers) or if needed, a facial lift will be performed. Brow lifts and forehead lifts are also available.