Best Moisturizer for Eczema

An eczema flare up may be caused by different factors and will be manifested through dry, irritated skin. In some cases, you may also experience itchy skin. The need of a quality lotion or cream is essential if you have eczema, as the skin will need to get supplements of natural oils and get a lot of moisture, so as to be able to heal.

What to Look for in a Moisturizer

The moisturizer that is suitable for skin with eczema or dermatitis should be hydrating. There are a lot of moisturizers that contain irritants such as fragrances and preservatives. You should search for a moisturizer that is fragrance free and contains no synthetic preservatives. Remember that the most expensive option is not always the best.

The moisturizer should be plain and emollient based. The cream may contain mineral oil, petroleum, petroleum jelly, glycerine and dimethicone (a type of silicone), which should be able to replace the natural oils that lack from the skin when this is affected by an eczema flare up. The fewer additional ingredients, the better.

You may opt for lotions or creams. The lotions are less greasy and may be a good option if your skin is only mildly flared. For more severe cases of eczema, you should opt for a richer cream. You should avoid creams that contain alcohol, as this will only dry the skin.

Commercial Moisturizers for Eczema

You may get a cream or lotion prepared from natural ingredients that contain no additives or fragrances; talk to an alternative medicine specialist. A plain moisturizer containing Creeping Charlie as main ingredient can be helpful for eczema flare ups.

Alternatively, you may purchase some moisturizers that typically help reducing the skin’s irritation and contain mineral oils, petroleum jelly or other ingredients that will help the production of the lost natural oils.

The following moisturizers that are presently available on the market and have proven to be effective include: Eucerin, Nivea, Cetaphil, Aquaphor, Vaseline, Vanicream, Moisturel, Cutemol, Mustela or CeraVe or Curel.

The best moisturizer is the one that will reduce the irritation and give you healthy skin.

How to Apply the Moisturizer

The way you apply the moisturizer is important; the best time to apply the moisturizer is after taking a bath. This will lock in the moisture and keep the skin hydrated.

Apply the creams or lotions generously, allowing the skin to absorb the cream. Apply the cream several times per day, especially in the areas where the skin is dry and flaky. Use more moisturizer during the winter, as the dry weather will affect the skin.

The type of soap you use is also important, as an unsuitable soap can dry the skin. Opt for a moisturizing soap such as Dove or Oil of Olay. The bath or shower water shouldn’t be hot; warm or lukewarm is preferable. Don’t scratch or rub the irritated skin.