Liver Spots Treatments

Liver spots may be treated through a variety of means. Patients who have liver spots are encouraged to seek medical advice from a qualified skincare professional. Liver spots, also called age spots or sun spots, are flat pigmented areas on the skin that are caused by exposure to the sun. While prevention is the best policy when it comes to sun damage, treatments have been effective in relieving certain symptoms of sun damage such as liver spots.


Bleaching creams and other topical treatments have been effective in fading liver spots. Medicines may be over-the-counter products, or they may be prescribed by a doctor. Talk to a qualified skincare professional for more information about medical treatments for liver spots and how to properly take care of the skin while taking medication.

Cosmetic Treatments

Various cosmetic treatments are also available that have been successful in treating liver spots. Laser resurfacing does not damage the skin's surface, but has been effective in destroying the melanocytes that cause the darker pigmentation in the skin. Liver spots may begin to fade after a few weeks and repeat sessions may be required to reach optimal results.

Dermabrasion is also used to treat liver spots. This is a more invasive procedure that may require several weeks to recover. In dermabrasion, a rapidly rotating brush or abrasive material destroys the top layer of skin. A new layer of skin will grow in its place in the weeks that follow. Dermabrasion may cause redness and scabbing, but these side effects are usually only temporary.

Chemical peels may also be used to relieve liver spots. Chemical peels may be superficial and remove only the very top layer of skin, or may be very deep and affect the dermis. Chemical peels to get rid of liver spots are usually superficial to medium depth peels and require no or minimal recovery time. The treatment works to damage the top layer of skin so that new skin grows in its place.

Other Treatments

Cryotherapy, or freezing, may also be used. In this treatment, liquid nitrogen or another freezing agent is applied to liver spots. The treatment works to destroy the extra pigment causing liver spots to appear. There is a risk of discoloration or scarring associated with this procedure, so patients should discuss this possibility with a skincare professional. To learn more about these treatment options, patients should speak with a skincare professional at a reputable clinic in their area.