Liver Spot Removal: Vitamin C Products

A liver spot is a brown spot that usually appears on the hands, face, arms and shoulders. These spots are circular in shape and range from a deep brown to a lighter color. There are various factors that can cause a liver spot to appear on the skin. Some of these factors may include hormonal changes, extended exposure to the sun, tanning beds and free radicals that occur within the body. The appearance of these spots can be drastically reduced by using Vitamin C products to beautify the skin.

How Vitamin C Helps Liver Spots

The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C is the main ingredient that helps to eliminate liver spots. Vitamin C, which is also a powerful antioxidant, is often used as a topical agent to help fight against fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and scarred skin. There are a number of facial creams that contain high concentrations of Vitamin C to improve the skin. The main function of Vitamin C is to neutralize free radicals, revert damaged skin and to promote collagen production. When it comes to fighting liver spots, Vitamin C products such as serums and creams work by lightening the brown spots until they gradually disappear.

How to Use Vitamin C

Using Vitamin C skin care products is an effective step towards reducing liver spots. It is necessary that you consistently use these products to get the maximum benefits. In addition, eating Vitamin C rich fruits and taking Vitamin C supplements daily is also recommended to remove liver spots. Fruits such as strawberries, lemons and oranges should be included in your daily diet to slow the aging process and to heal damaged skin.