5 Sunless Tanning Options

Sunless tanning is an option for people that don’t have the time for sunbathing or require a tan quickly for a specific event. There are several methods that can give an artificial tan without sun exposure and too much effort. Some methods will expose the skin to the UV rays, while others will only use different chemicals.

1. Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are commonly used to get an artificial tan. The tanning beds use UV rays, which normally exist in the sun. The number of minutes required by a person will greatly depend on the skin type and the way the skin reacts to the UV rays. Tanning beds present the same risks to the skin as the sun.

2. Tanning Lotions

Tanning lotions contain different ingredients that will stimulate the production of melanin and should result in tanned skin. These can be used to enhance color received from a tanning bed. Some tanning lotions contain some colorants, which will give a tanned look to the skin for only 12 to 24 hours.

Some tanning lotions require no tanning beds, and will give the skin a darker color instantaneously (and last for up to 5 days). These contain products that color the skin, and are a recommended way to get color. There are also products that only contain natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals or vitamins that will make the skin darker.

Tanning lotions should be applied evenly on the skin; otherwise, the skin may have certain darker spots and will look unaesthetic. Also, the person using the product should make sure the product is dried properly before getting dressed, as the solutions can stick to clothes and cause an uneven tan (not to mention they can stain the clothes). The product should be tested prior to deciding to use it on the entire body.

3. Spray Tan

The spray tan is also popular and can be applied at a beauty salon. Many beauticians don’t recommend using spraying tans at home, due to the fact that it is difficult to get an even tan.

Tanning sprays used in beauty saloons are evenly applied and are typically applied in a tanning booth. The tanning spray contains DHA, which will react with the skin and will make it darker. A few minutes of spray tanning will get the skin darker by a few shades; however, the actual results will only be visible after a few hours. Clients may opt for different shades of brown, depending on their preferences.

4. Airbrush Tan

The airbrush tan is performed by a technician and will be applied manually. This technique will take a few hours to complete, if the tan is applied on the entire body.

5. Tanning Pills

Canthaxanthin is the ingredient that is used in tanning pills. This ingredient will stimulate the skin to darken. Large amounts of canthaxanthin are necessary to get the desired results. Tanning pills might result in brown skin, but some patients may experience an orange shade. Tanning pills are not FDA approved.