Treatments that Liquid Facelift Can be Combined with

Liquid facelift is a chemical treatment procedure that is designed to provide the benefits of a traditional facelift. The goals of this procedure are to raise and stabilize the muscles of the face so that the signs of aging can be reduced or eliminated. With a liquid facelift, the procedure is non invasive. Chemicals are used to promote new skin growth, which gives the face a lighter, younger appearance.

Treatments to Combine with Liquid Facelift

Liquid facelifts are oftentimes combined with other skin rejuvenation techniques. Because of the inherent possibility for danger in this combination, however, it's important that you work very closely with a doctor to determine what is safe and best for you.

Laser skin rejuvenation programs are very commonly mixed with liquid facelifts. These include Active FX and Fraxel Restore, among many others. These types of treatments are non invasive as well, and will therefore work for many of the same patients who would otherwise choose to use liquid facelifts.

Other Treatments and Considerations

Other treatments that are less frequently combined with liquid facelifts include Botox® injections. These are invasive procedures, and the nature of the surgery is such that it may not respond as well to patients who have previously had chemical peels and other treatments of the type.

Your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can provide you with a better idea of which of these various treatments and procedures will work best in combination with your liquid facelift. For more information, visit the liquid facelift website or consult with a medical professional in your area.