How to Use Basil Tea for Acne Treatment

If you are suffering from acne and the over the counter ointments and stinging pads have not worked to cure your acne, you should try one of the best and most proven methods of getting rid of acne safely and naturally. Using basil tea for acne treatment has been around for centuries and is used not only for acne treatment, but also for a variety of health reasons. In fact, many people of the oriental culture practically worship basil leaves because of all the healing properties they contain.

Reasons to Use Basil Tea for Acne Treatment

It may not seem likely that this often used recipe ingredient or garnish could actually have skin healing effects and be a good acne treatment, but it actually is. When you use the basil leave in a tea, you will benefit from the healing effects for your skin. Acne treatment with basil tea works because the basil leaves have healing effects such as anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a blood purifier and kills bacteria.

How to Use Basil Leaves for Acne Treatment

If you don’t already have an herbal garden, you can easily grow one, even inside your home in little pots. If you do not have basil leaves at hand, go to your local grocer or health food store and buy some basil leaves. If you have basil leaves growing naturally in your home, the soil that the basil is growing in also has healing effects and healing properties similar to the actual basil leaves. You can apply a mud mask with the soil.

Recipe and Process for Using Basil Tea for Acne Treatment

  1. Use two to three teaspoons of dried basil leaves; add the basil leaves to one cup of boiling water. Allow the basil leaves and water to boil for about 20 minutes. You can reduce the boil down to a simmer and allow the tea acne treatment to brew. Cover the pot.
  2. After twenty minutes of brewing, remove the pot from the burner and allow the home remedy acne treatment to cool.
  3. Once cooled, apply the water from the basil tea acne treatment to the blemish on your skin. You can also apply the tea to your entire face. The healing properties in the basil tea are good for your skin overall and will make your skin healthier, more radiant and supple.
  4. You can also apply the basil leaves from the brew directly to your face like a mask.

Any unused portions of the basil tea acne treatment can be placed in an airtight container and left in the fridge for up to one week for re-use. You should apply the basil tea acne treatment at least twice a day. As mentioned earlier, even the soil from the basil leaf pot is good for your skin and a mud mask can be made from it to obtain a healthier and more even skin complexion.