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Types Of Warts
Warts are very common - most warts on the hands, verruca vulgaris, plantar warts and plane warts resolve without treatment. Warts can be found in individuals of any age and in any location. They are particularly common in children and teenagers. Generally warts occur in those who are sexually active. There is a balance between the virus and the individualís immune system...

Wart Treatment by Type of Wart
Treatment will depend in part on the location, the age of the patient, as well as the size and immune status of the individual. The treatment choice will depend in part on previous experience of the patient and the patientís preference. Many of the treatments can be uncomfortable and therefore difficult to use in children.

Wart Treatment by Type of Drug and Procedure
The new advance in treatment of genital warts has been imiquimod (Aldara). This encourages the patientís autoimmune system to attack the wart. This is particularly helpful in the moist areas of the skin or mucosal surfaces. There are a variety of drugs and procedures to successfully treat warts: Podophyllin, Vitamin Acid (Tretinoin), Cantharone, Cryotherapy, Electrodesiccation, CO2 laser, and Aldara...