Lip Enhancement Questions

How long does it take for hyaluronidase to erase the effects of hyaluronic acid filler?
Lip Enhancement - 3 years ago2 answers
I had a lip enhancement 3 weeks ago and I didn't like the result so I went today and had hyaluronidase injected. My lips are swollen. How long does it take to see the final results? Thank you
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I am interested in lip enhancement, how is this done?
Lip Enhancement - 5 years ago2 answers
I am 54, recently quit smoking, and have very thin lips. I would love to reward myself with this type of procedure. Please give me the information on this to help me decide if it is for me. Thank you in advance
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What is the best Lip Enhancement treatment?
Lip Enhancement - 6 years ago1 answer
I would like to enhance my upper lip, what is the best procedure for a permenent fix?
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How can I avoid an overfilled look with Lip Enhancement?
Lip Enhancement - 7 years ago3 answers
I want to have fuller lips but I don't want that 'duck bill' look of overfilled lips. What is the best way to keep my results natural?
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Can lip enhancement injections help turn my corners up?
Lip Enhancement - 7 years ago3 answers
The corners of my mouth look turned down, like I'm frowning or unhappy, when I am not showing any expression. Can lip injections help turn the corners of my mouth up?
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Which lip filler lasts the longest?
Lip Enhancement - 7 years ago2 answers
Which lip filler lasts the longest? Do the new lip implants feel stiff? Can you still pucker your lips with them in?
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Are injections better for lip enhancement, or should I go with implants?
Lip Enhancement - 7 years ago1 answer
What are the pros and cons for each?
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