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Can I use Artefill under my eyes?
ArteFill - 3 years ago2 answers
I just got Restylane above my lips (the smoking lip area), and after 3 hours it was completely gone. I am scared to try Restylane under the eye due to my skin absorbing the product too fast. My physician recommended I get Artefill. Would that work? I am 40 years old and my eyes are not too bad.
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Will ArteFill smooth out lip lines?
ArteFill - 3 years ago1 answer
I smoked for years and now have wrinkles around my lips. What can be done to improve those?
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What should results of ArteFill be at 2, 3 or 4 months?
ArteFill - 5 years ago1 answer
I had ArteFill injected in November and immediately saw results, but the results disappeared after about 1 month. Since the bovine collagen was absorbed, will my face produce collagen in those areas in order for it to fill back in?
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Can ArteFill cause bumps in your skin?
ArteFill - 6 years ago1 answer
An esthtetition said she is working with a woman who had injections in the marionette folds & after two years it has left beaded lines. Is this a common side effect?
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Will an ArteFill treatment work on deep facial wrinkles, as well as fine wrinkles?
ArteFill - 6 years ago1 answer
Are the results of an ArteFill treatment permanent?
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Do artefill artecoll fillers migrate to different areas of the face?
ArteFill - 7 years ago1 answer
I had ArteFill injections done on my nose and cheeks last 2000. It has been 9 years since and I've noticed lumps on my upper right eyelid next to the bridge area, on my right cheek area and left lower cheek area.Is there a way to correct this
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Has ArteFill been discontinued and taken off the market?
ArteFill - 7 years ago2 answers
I have been told that the company that made ArteFill went bankrupt. My Dr says he can no longer get it is this true?
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