When to See a Dermatologist for Sensitive Skin

Vi Peel is a type of skin treatment that helps improve the appearance of your hands, chest, face and other body parts by eliminating any existing skin conditions. The conditions include acne, uneven tone, sagging skin, sun spots, enlarged pores, acne scarring, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. Vi Peel imparts a youthful look to the skin by providing a glow and also by improving collagen production. Just like few other chemical peels, it can also help in eliminating precancerous cells. If you are having thoughts about getting a Vi peel done, make sure you know what to expect during Vi peel. Here are few facts that might help you understand the process.

Understanding Vi Peel

Vi Peels use a chemical solution to remove the top layers of your skin. This way, it allows for a fresher, smoother skin to grow. It also increases the collagen production that helps keeping your skin youthful. Here are few benefits that you will get when you opt for a Vi Peel:

  • Pain-free procedure
  • Almost no downtime
  • Slight peeling that can be covered with moisturizer
  • Immediate return to routine activities
  • Effective and safe for all types of skin tones

Vi Peel can be performed on any skin type. It has yielded safe results for acne management for people as young as 12 years minus the side effects. Dark skin tones like African, Asian and Latino that do not respond to many other chemical peel procedures have shown effective results with Vi Peel.

The Procedure

You can get a Vi Peel done in a cosmetic dermatology clinic or Medspa. Make sure you get it administered by a certified aesthetician, licensed nurse or a medical doctor. Unlike older methods, this method doesn’t require pre-conditioning. Chemical solution has to be applied topically to the skin and it takes about 30 minutes. The peel is left to dry for 5 hours and can be washed at home. Light stinging feeling during application is normal and subdues quickly.

This can be done every 2 weeks until you obtain the desired result. However, in most cases, an initial peel followed by 2 to 3 peels in a year is enough to maintain the desired results.

The Recovery Process

Redness or tanning of skin during recovery is common, which will disappear soon. Although you can return to regular activities, you have to make sure you do not engage in activities like exercise until you have washed off the solution. You are allowed to wear make-up after and before, but not during the peeling process. The peeling of skin occurs around the third day. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight when the skin peels. You can wear a moisturizer to cover the appearance of peeling skin. Results can be seen within a few days of the Vi Peel procedure.

Although the procedure is not FDA approved, every ingredient used in the process is FDA approved. The procedure costs from $400 to $500. The skin care routine that most people opt for after Vi Peel costs about $70 to $80.

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