Symptoms of Freckles

Freckles are considered cosmetic blemishes by some and attractive by others. Whether to seek treatment to get rid of freckles or fade them is a personal decision.


Freckles appear as flat, brown spots on the skin. The sun plays a major role in the development of freckles and they are commonly found on areas of the body that receive a lot of sun exposure like the face and arms.

Freckles may affect patients of all skin colors, although they are most common on light skinned individuals. Although many people associate freckles as exclusively appearing on individuals with red hair, people with all hair colors experience freckles. The link between red hair and freckles is a result of the association of both characteristics with the MC1R recessive variant gene. Not all individuals with red hair have freckles.

Link with Aging

Many incorrectly consider freckles a sign of age. Older individuals who have experienced excessive sun exposure may have freckles resulting from sun exposure, but freckles are not considered an indication of age and are not a sign of aging. Sun damage, however, may speed of photoaging, which may include sun spots and in some cases freckles.

Patients who have further questions about freckles are encouraged to speak with a skincare professional to discuss their questions, as well as possible treatments and remedies.

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