Natural Mole Removal: Onion Juice

Natural mole removal is one of the best options if you need to remove a mole that is without irregularities in shape and color. If you suspect irregularities, contact your dermatologist immediately before using any form of treatment. Onion juice is a natural mole removal option that is easy to apply and cost effective.

How It Works

The acidity and chemicals in onion juice aid in the healing of many skin problems, including moles. Acid has been known to help heal bleeding, oozing and bacteria that may prevent your mole from eradicating.

Applying Onion Juice

Though acid-based, you can apply onion juice to your mole daily for maximum results. Simply dab some onion juice (fresh is best) to your mole and let it absorb. You can also do this by placing the cut side of an onion against your mole for a few minutes. With most cases, this treatment has shown to remove a mole within a month. Each situation and mole is different, so if you're not seeing results, talk to your doctor.

Natural mole removal is a great way to avoid the cost and potential discomfort of medical mole removal. If you are allergic to onions or sensitive to the chemicals in onions that produce tears, consider another remedy.

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