How to Treat Dandruff with Snake Gourd

There are a number of ways to treat dandruff and aside from medical treatments, there are a number of home remedies that can bring relief and help prevent an outbreak. Dandruff is a condition where bits of your scalp are so dry they flake off. This skin fragments can get stuck in your hair and fall onto your back and shoulders. Though many of the symptoms include dry skin, itching and a risk of infection, the most embarrassing symptom is the visual flaking. This can be embarrassing and difficult for a sufferer of dandruff to deal with when working to find a method of treatment that works for them.

There are a number of home remedies that can help with dandruff; snake gourd is one of them. Snake gourd works in two ways to help bring you faster results.

Snake Gourd

Snake Gourd, Trichosanthes cucumerina, is a tropical vine that resembles a snake and produces a long fruit. The fruit is similar to that of a gourd, bringing about the name Snake Gourd. Though most well known for its use as a medicinal treatment for a number of conditions, the fruit is also edible and widely consume in the tropical area it's grown.

Snake Gourd Juice

The juice of the snake gourd fruit can be used to not only treat dandruff but also help to prevent the symptoms of the condition. To use snake gourd juice, rub the juice into the scalp well as if using an oil condition on your scalp. Because snake gourd juice causes an overall increase of body fluid production, the scalp is hydrated the way it should be from the inside out. The snake gourd will also help to moisturize from the outside, as the treatment works from both sides for the best results.

Where to Buy

Snake gourd juice can be purchased through a number of online resources, but to ensure you're getting exactly what you want and to speak with someone knowledgeable about its benefits, look in your local health food store. You can also look in the pharmacy department of your local store, as the supplement section is continuously expanding as supplements become more popular.

Other Benefits

Snake gourd fruit, juice and other forms of the fruit offer a variety of health benefits including heart health and anti-inflammatory properties. It also creates a cooling effect on the body and can reduce fever. If you suffer from any conditions that cause these symptoms, you may find relief by using snake gourd as a home remedy.

You can treat dandruff with snake gourd juice and use the fruit for many other benefits through eating the fruit and using its juice for a number of different health benefits. While home remedies for dandruff is a good method to help treat the condition, if your symptoms persist or become worse, consult with your doctor to ensure an infection hasn't started, as this will need medical treatment.

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