How to Prevent Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot is a condition that is caused by a fungal infection, due to the trichophytonrubrum fungi, which are more likely to develop in humid areas. The condition can be a great source of discomfort and may be problematic to get rid of. However, there are a few means to prevent Athlete's Foot.

Frequent Cleaning of Feet

Athlete's Foot is caused by fungi, which develop in warm environments. The feet are more likely to sweat, especially after sports or other activities. If the feet not washed and dried, the fungi can develop and thrive in this environment. It is important to wash the feet after each sports activity and pat them dry, as this will reduce the chances of fungal infections developing. Dry the area in between the toes as well, as the fungi can develop here also.

When using community showers, make sure to wear shower shoes, as the fungi can be present in these showers, and you can easily catch the infection.

Extra Pair of Socks

Wearing clean and dry socks is important if you are prone to developing the Athlete's Foot infection. Keep an extra pair of socks at work or take a pair of socks everywhere you go. Make sure the socks you use are made of natural materials, such as cotton. Socks that are made of 100% cotton absorb moisture efficiently.

Synthetic materials can make your feet sweaty, and this can facilitate the occurrence of the Athlete's Foot infection. In addition, these materials won’t absorb the moisture, leaving the feet wet.

Some dermatologists also say that it is better to opt for white socks and get rid of colored socks, as the dyes can cause irritation, being chemical substances. Never wear shoes without socks, as your feet will sweat more.

Choosing Your Shoes

Leather or suede shoes are most recommended if you are prone to developing the Athlete's Foot infection. The leather will allow your feet to breathe. Alternatively, you can opt for textile shoes which also allow the air to circulate. Make sure the shoes are leather or natural textile materials on the inside as well.

There are a few insoles that can be worn, and they can absorb moisture. Don’t wear rubber boots, waterproof shoes or shoes that have rubber or synthetic materials on the inside, as these will make your feet sweaty. Open toed shoes can be recommended when possible, as these will allow your feet to breathe. Rotate your shoes often and make sure you dry your gym shoes before wearing them again.

Using Baby Powder

Baby powder can keep your feet dry, so apply the powder on your feet, immediately after bathing or taking a shower. Make sure to spread the powder on the entire surface of the feet and in between the toes.

Be careful, the powder may leave traces on your clothes, so try not to touch your clothes while you are using the powder and cover the feet with socks.

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