Myths and Facts About Age Spots

Chemical peels are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society, as people strive to have new, improved and younger appearing skin. Chemical peels remove the top layers of the skin with the help of chemical solutions. This peeling and exfoliation allows new healthy skin cells to surface, revealing smoother, younger-appearing skin. The most common uses of chemical peels are:

Treats Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Many individuals are now opting to use chemical peels to achieve a younger look, as these chemical solutions can create new skin. There are three different types of chemical peels from the lighter (mild) peel, to moderate and deeper chemical peels.

This type of treatment is not a solution for deep wrinkles. For this, laser treatments or fillers may be of more benefit.

Removes Freckles

Freckles are usually the first sign of sun damage. They may occur minimally with just a few beige or brownish spots scattered across the face or sometimes appear as clusters, almost completely covering the entire area. People with fair skin and often red hair will have lots of freckles. Chemical peels can treat and diminish freckles. Fair-toned skin individuals are actually excellent candidates for chemical peels, as there is less chance for skin darkening lesions and scarring.

Treats Age Spots

Age spots are flat beige or black spots that appear on the skin, usually caused by sun damage or aging. Chemical peels are a great way to treat age spots. Glycolic acid peels are more gentle, with less downtime necessary. They may be done at home with different types of kits, but although these peeling methods are milder than the ones at the clinics, extreme caution must be taken to avoid burning and scarring. Instructions must be followed carefully.

Treats Acne Scars

Acne scars can affect almost anyone with different skin types and age groups. These discolorations can sometimes last for months or can become permanent scars on the face and body. The best way to improve acne scars is to simply try to find the cause and stop them from appearing in the first place. Although the sun can help to dry and heal acne, sensitive skin can be subject to dry skin, which is more permeable to the effects of the environment and to sun damage. This in turn, delays the healing process. When acne scars are a problem, chemical peels are usually quite helpful to diminish them. 

Brighter Complexion and Smoother Skin

Because a chemical peel contains chemical solutions that remove the layers of the skin, new skin is created. With this process of exfoliation, previous facial markings and spots disappear, including fine lines and wrinkles, revealing smoother healthier skin.

Greater Self-Esteem

It’s no lie that often when we look good, we feel good. Chemical peels can help to get rid of bothersome scars or age spots. Absolutely, a great personality is more important than a clear complexion or a youthful appearance, but if the lesions or lines are causing depression or lower self-esteem, then perhaps chemical peels may be beneficial.

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