Treating Cellulite with Massage

Cellulite is formed on different areas of the body, predominately on the thighs, buttocks, hips or stomach. The cellulite is made up of several layers of fat and connective tissue with poor circulation; consequently, the area gets the orange peel aspect. The massage aims at improving the circulation in the area and will also break down some fat tissue, so that the skin gets a smoother appearance.

Massage Techniques for Cellulite Treatment

The massage for cellulite treatment will focus on the areas that are affected by cellulite. It is important to isolate these areas.

One massage technique will pinch and pull the skin; the fat and the connective tissue should be gently pinched and then lifted. The massage therapist may also apply some pressure, which may vary in intensity, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. After 5 minutes of pinch and pull, the massage therapist will also add some wiggling, which will affect the different layers of tissues and will separate these, resulting in a softer skin. After the skin is warmed up, the massage therapist will squeeze and apply pressure on the skin, so as to separate the tissue layers.

An anti cellulite treatment may take up to 40 minutes per session. The massage should be performed with a lotion, which may be an anti cellulite cream that will intensify the effectiveness of the treatment; never massage without a lotion or a cream, as the skin may become irritated and it is also more difficult to perform the massage. It is also important not to apply too much pressure on the skin, as this will cause the sensitive capillaries to break.

The Effectiveness of Massage

The massage therapy may be effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite. The results may vary depending on each patient in part, the length of the treatment and on the amounts of cellulite.

Massage cannot eliminate the cellulite, but it may improve the appearance of the skin. The massage will not address the underlying cause of the orange peel skin but it will give cosmetic relief. Presently, there are no treatments that will totally eliminate cellulite, as the exact causes haven't been determined yet.

For best results, the massage should be performed for a long period of time. Two sessions of anti cellulite massage may make a difference, but it takes months of sessions to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Some massage therapists recommend the usage of special tights that will promote blood circulation and offer a gentle massage while moving, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Where to Get Anti Cellulite Massage

Most massage therapists offer anti cellulite massages. You may also find anti cellulite massage treatments at spas and beauty salons. The massage therapists and beauticians will use different essential oils, herbal compounds and creams to reduce the cellulite and eliminate the toxins from the tissues, providing a smooth skin.

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