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Can I use Botox to lift cheeks?
BOTOX - 6 answers
I have good volume in my cheeks, but I have hollows under my eyes and my cheeks are a bit saggy. Is it possible to just "lift" the cheeks rather than "fill" them? Read more
How long do Juvederm injections last?
JUVEDERM - 6 answers
How long will this last? Read more
Is there a non invasive permanent procedure for chin augmentation?
BOTOX - 5 answers
I read a chin augmentation using fillers would require re-application every 3 months. Is there something more permanent or at least require treatment every year? Read more
I saw no results with my Restylane treatment, what should I do?
Dermal Fillers - 5 answers
I had a dermal filler by a dermatologist (Restylane) & was very unhappy with the results. I saw no results and looked the same 3 weeks later as I did before the procedure. Maybe the doctor was not experienced n... Read more
Lip Augmentation Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers - 5 answers
Can any dermal filler be used for lip augmentation? Which is the best one to use? Read more
Do I have to keep using Botox once I start?
BOTOX - 5 answers
Could discontinuing use after three years of regular injections have any bad effects? Will it make my wrinkles much worse than they were before I started using Botox? Read more
What dermal fillers can be injected underneath the eyes?
Dermal Fillers - 5 answers
underneath my eyes are sunken in. i have had my own fat moved around and injected to puff out under my eye; what eles is available for me to do? Read more
I have two brown spots that I would like to get rid of. I have tried lotions but what treatments exist to remove them?
Facial - 5 answers
I’ve tried removing them with bleaching and a lotion called Age3derm, which only made them darker. Read more
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Are there ways to minimize Botox side effects?
BOTOX - 5 answers
I heard that Botox has some side effects like droopy eyelids. Any way to make sure my Botox (first time!) has no negative side effects? Read more
Is there a difference between IPL Treatment and IPL Photofacial?
Or are they just two names for the same treatment? Read more
After a face lift, how long should I wait before having an Ultherapy brow lift?
Ultherapy - 4 answers
I recently had a face lift and now want an ultherapy brow lift. How long should I wait before having the brow lift? Read more
Does botox work on dark under eye circles?
BOTOX - 4 answers
I was wondering if Botox or any other procedure would help with dark circles under my eyes. They look really bad, and I really need to address this issue. Thank you. Read more
Why is there a fold in cheek when I smile?
BOTOX - 4 answers
I recently got botox about 3 weeks ago. I had 12 cc around each eye for crow's feet. Last week i noticed a fold on one side in my cheek when i smile. It makes me look like a wrinkled witch. will this go away? i... Read more
What is the best way to treat back acne?
Acne Treatment - 4 answers
What are my back acne treatment options? Read more
Will repeated collagen fillers make frown lines worse?
Dermal Fillers - 4 answers
I am 48, female, and have slight frown lines. Will repeated collagen fillers make it worse? Will repeated collagen fillers loosen the elasticity of the skin forcing one after many years to do surgical face l... Read more
What can I do if I have lost weight in my face?
Dermal Fillers - 4 answers
Hi, I have lost volume in my face, what's the best treatment to correct my face? I lost the weight because of a car crash. I was looking at either fillers or fat transfer. Read more
Will Juvederm injection help with uneven skin after a facelift?
JUVEDERM - 4 answers
I am 70 years old and had a facelift two years ago. I have several depressions on my face and would like to know if juvederm gel would help to fill in some of the depression and give my face a more rounded loo... Read more
I have dry skin and brown spots after my IPL treatment, is this normal?
I just got an IPL treatment 5 days ago and my skin is extremely dry and my brown spots are more noticeable, is that normal? Read more
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